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Christmas Bundle Lashes

Christmas Bundle Lashes

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Christmas is approaching soon & we have the best gifts for your friends, co-workers, family, etc! We specifically picked out the perfect lashes and products for this bundle. Let your loved ones start the year off with amazing lashes! 

Bundles Include:

  • 2 pair of single lashes (mixed styles)
  • 1 Red lipstick (Chanel)
  • 1 Lash Book
  • Christmas stickers
  • "Merry Christmas" card
  • Candycane
  • Christmas themed box

PS: The single lashes are mixed, you can leave a note on which 2 styles you would prefer, and we will try our best to put them!

Eyelash Description:

INNOCNET- 100% 3D MINK EYELASHES! Most popular for achieving a natural glam finish. Adds length and volume to any look, while still maintaining a lightweight and comfortable wear. 

DESIRE- 100% 3D MINK EYELASHES! Desire is light and wispy all around and more to the natural side. They provide length and volume to the eyes! This style is perfect for an everyday look or for a full make up glam. They are subtle and fits perfectly on any eye shape.

ICONIC- 100% 3D MINK EYELASHES! Iconic are wispy, fuller, and longer from the outer corner. These are perfect for longating your eyes with an appearance of a "cat eye". Commonly known for imitating a classic set of eyelash extensions.

FLIRTY- 100% 3D MINK EYELASHES! Most popular for achieving a wispy, lengthen, and voluminous finished look. These eyelashes frames any type of eyes perfectly. This style is will known for its length and wisps. 

FEARLESS- 100% 3D MINK EYELASHES! Just like the name given for these beautiful eyelashes, it gives that fearless look to any eyes. These eyelashes are full, voluminous, long, and  perfect for dramatic or natural make-up look. Fearless are the same length from the inner to outer corner and have a round shape flowing with any eye shape.

CEO- 3D FAUX MINK! CEO are wispy, curly, and natural. This style is perfect for an everyday where, simple makeup looks, or simply to be your own CEO....PERIOODD! Commonly known for imitating natural set of eyelash extensions. 

UNIQUE- 3D FAUX MINK! Unique are wispy, fuller, and EXTRA curly. This style is our customers favorite, TIKTOK FAMOUS. Commonly known for imitating a Russian set of eyelash extensions. 

HUSTLE- 3D FAUX MINK! Hustle are wispy, curly, and lengthy. This style is perfect for achieving an elongated "cat eye" finish look. Hustle are shorter from the inner corner and longer from the outer corner. They are perfect for an everyday where or a full makeup glam!

How to use

Step 1: Grasp lashes from the lash rim and carefully remove from plastic tray! (for easier application use tweezers or lash applicator)

Step 2: Add adhesive eyeliner above lashes, as you are applying eyeliner.

Step 3: Hold lashes from the center with tweezers and place the lash on center of eye first, then outer corner, lastly inner corner.

Step 4: squeeze your lashes with the strip lashes together with finger tips to avoid any lifting during the day!

(follow same steps if you are using regular lash glue, just wait for glue to get tacky before applying on eye!)

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