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NELLY Beauty Sponge

NELLY Beauty Sponge

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Introducing our new high quality “NELLY Beauty Sponge”...Available in 2 different colors (Nude & Pink)... This sponge is amazing with foundation, serums, creams, powders, etc. Providing a natural smooth airbrush finish to your makeup!... it extends 2x its size when wet! (WOW) Our NELLY beauty sponge is precisely shaped to cover every crease and corner when applying products to skin! + flat surface perfect for contouring... In addition, our beauty sponge is safely protected with our Starbucks inspired coffee cup case!.. This case will protect the beauty sponge from any dust, bacteria, damages, etc...While also air drying your beauty sponge with air circulation from the openings on the lid and under the cup!... keeping your beauty sponge nice and clean!... dirty beauty sponges can be the cause of acne and bacteria on your skin (we don’t want that!) ... Finally, the message or “receipt” on the case is to bring positivity and motivation to keep pushing and striving for your goals because, only you can determine your future!

Sponge benefits:
  • 100% SPONGE 
  • Cruelty Free
  • Perfect for any skin type
  • Soft & gentle on skin
  • High quality
  • Airbrush finish makeup
  • Latex free
  • Ideal for foundation, liquids, serums, powders, etc.
Sponge Features:
  • Round sides: for blending 
  • flat edge: for contouring 
  • Tip of sponge: for precision and around eye area

How to use

Step 1: Grasp lashes from the lash rim and carefully remove from plastic tray! (for easier application use tweezers or lash applicator)

Step 2: Add adhesive eyeliner above lashes, as you are applying eyeliner.

Step 3: Hold lashes from the center with tweezers and place the lash on center of eye first, then outer corner, lastly inner corner.

Step 4: squeeze your lashes with the strip lashes together with finger tips to avoid any lifting during the day!

(follow same steps if you are using regular lash glue, just wait for glue to get tacky before applying on eye!)

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